Main Menu


Garlic pizza small 6.5 large 11.0 GF 9.0 (v)

House bread & homemade dips 11.5 (v)



Vegetarian pasta with pesto sauce: v 19.5
Chicken & mushroom pasta: 19.5
Carbonara pasta: 18.5
Seafood pasta: mixed seafood, garlic, parsley, white wine cream sauce: 29.5
Olive & fetta salad with balsamic & virgin oil gf 15.00
Pear, fennel, walnut & mixed leaf salad w' lime & mint dressing gf 15.00
Caesar salad: 18.0 with grilled chicken: 23.5 with smoked salmon or kangaroo fillet: (gf with no croutons) 26.5
Chips with sweet chilli & aioli: gf/v 7.0
Cheese, prosciutto & house made dip plate: $25.00


12 years old and under only no exceptions

Chicken nuggets, chips & salad
Meatball pasta & sauce
Steak chips and salad
Cheese & bacon or chicken & cheese pasta
Crumbed fish, chips & salad
Crumbed calamari, chips & salad
Kids chips & tomato sauce: 5.0
Ice cream with topping (3 scoops): 4.5
See special board for more dishes
Ask our wait person


Vegetarian nachos 12.5 (v)
Chicken, chorizo, garlic olives & spinach 14.50 (gf)
Halloumi w' hummus, blistered cherry tomatoes, basil, Cajun corn chips, virgin oil & balsamic 14.50 (gf/v)
Couscous crumbed kangaroo fillet on a spicy cucumber garlic & lime salsa 17.50
Smoked salmon, brie cheese, capers, rocket and grilled lemon 18.50


Ravioli of prawns, feta, pine nuts & basil w' warm citrus olive oil & cherry tomato sauce 17.50/29.90
Couscous crumbed vegetable bake; eggplant, capsicum, mushroom, fennel, onion & tomato 24.50(v)
 Honey ginger roasted pork belly w' baked sweet potato and greens 29.50
Seafood paella w' chorizo & toasted bread 35.50
Duck breast on a Thai coconut noodle salad 35.50
Porterhouse steak on vegetable bake w' garlic prawns, smoked salmon & fresh watercress 37.50


Tuesday to Thursday special
Sirloin steak w' salad, chips & rich brown sauce, with a glass of Oxford Landing wine or middy of Stone & Wood tap beer or soft drink: $21.90
Pasta of carbonara or vegetarian plus a glass of Oxford landing wine or middy of Stone & Wood tap beer or soft drink: $21.90